Perspex Fluorescent

With strength of up to 17x that of glass and lightweight properties, Perspex acrylic is a favourable material for use in a variety of applications. A very hardy material, acrylic is suitable for use in an external environment, and can handle the stresses placed upon it by the elements.

With edges that appear to emit their own light source when under lighting, the Perspex Fluorescent range is perfect for eye catching displays and signage.

Perspex acrylic is available in a range of thicknesses, colours and textures. See below for swatches from Perspex’s fluorescent range or click here to see the Perspex Colours range.

Neptune-Blue-7T97-PerspexNeptune Blue 7T97

Acid-Green-6T66-PerspexAcid Green 6T66

elios-Yellow-2T51-PerspexHelios Yellow 2T51

Lava-Orange-3T19-PerspexLava Orange 3T19

Mars-Red-4T56-PerspexMars Red 4T56

Please be aware that the range of Perspex is greater than currently listed on our website. We are continually updating our website & hope to bring you the full range soon. In the mean time, contact us to discuss alternative options or use the Perspex colour selector as a rough guide.

Please be aware that some colours may not be available as standard in your desired thickness. For more information on availability, please contact us to speak to one of our expert advisors today.

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